Shopping for dresses online can be a fun experience that culminates in a perfectly sized and fitted dress, but only if women do some research first to make sure that the dresses that look great in photographs will also look great on them. Read on to find a few helpful tips on choosing women’s dresses based on body type that can help get that search for the perfect outfit started out right.

Full Hips and Thighs

Women who have pear-shaped bodies may want to look for dresses that have A-line skirts. They should avoid dresses that are shorter than an inch or two above the knee and should also avoid extremely full skirts, which tend to wind up looking like tutus. Many women with fuller hips and thighs prefer to wear dresses that have bright, bold colors on top and darker colors on the bottom.

Full Waist

Women with fuller waists can elongate the appearance of their torsos with empire or drop waist dresses. They may want to avoid thick belts that circle the midsection and choose low-hung sash belts or chains instead. Women with full waists can also choose styles that emphasize the shoulders to make their waists appear more narrow.

Small Busts

Those with smaller busts may want to select dresses that feature scoop or bandeau style necks. Layered necks can also add dimension and depth to a woman’s bust, and A-line skirts cut to just above the knees can add an appearance of balance to the body. Adding layers such as thick belts or fitted jackets can also help.

Athletic Shape

Women who have exceptionally athletic bodies tend to have a lot of leeway when it comes to choosing a dress style. They can choose skirt lengths based on whether or not they want to show off their legs on any particular day or can wear strapless dresses that draw more focus to the bust. Floral patterns have been very popular this year and they tend to look great on athletic body types.

The Take-Away

Ultimately, it’s up to readers to decide what styles they like and what looks good on their own bodies. However, following the tips above will make it much more likely that they’ll be pleased rather than disappointed when they first put on new dresses that have been ordered online.