The Best Criminal Lawyers Ever That You Should Know about

With exposure to the high-profile court cases, most people have become aware of the different criminal attorneys over time. In this article, you will discover more about the best criminal attorneys, and you will find out some of their triumphs.

Among the top criminal lawyers, Johnnie Cochran is one of them. He became famous together with the rest of the legal team during the time which they represented O.J. Simpson in a murder trial. Cochran became a celebrity because he was very useful in helping Simpson to be set free by the court despite many people believing that Simpson was guilty. The other best criminal lawyer is known as Mark Geragos who is perceived as an accomplished celebrity attorney with a good record of the cases that he has won and some of the famous people that he has defended include Michael Jackson, Chris Brown and Gary Condit. The other famous criminal attorney that you are likely familiar with is David Rudolf. Some of the high-profile cases that David Rudolf has been in charge of include defending Michael to some against charges that he had killed his wife and he also defended Rae Carruth.

You should also know that the other top criminal attorney is known as F. Lee Bailey who helped get Dr. Sam Shepperd from imprisonment and also defended of the most serial killer known as Albert Salvo. Roberto Shapiro is also another top criminal attorney who has successfully defended a lot of celebrities and is also the co-founder of LegalZoom. Leslie Abramson is another top criminal lawyer who defended the Menendez brothers against charges of murder and also defended a music producer known Phil Spector against murder charges. Anne Bremner is not only one of the most famous criminal attorneys because of representing Amanda Knox who was jailed in Italy for four years but also a TV personality.

Jose Baez is the other top criminal attorney who defended Casey Anthony and later in return for, published a book about the Casey Anthony trial which is a bestseller. Another famous criminal attorney is known as Shawn Holley who was in the legal team that represented O.J. Simpson and also has been the attorney for the clients such as Kim Kardashian after the O.J. Simpson case. One of the best criminal attorneys is known as Gerald Shargel who has a good reputation in New York City and has majorly defended white-collar crime cases. Be sure to check out this page if you want to discover more about the most famous criminal attorneys.