A Guide on Different Push-Up Positions to Strengthen Your Upper Body

Working out one’s body is a vital component of good health, and should always be done. Different exercise are possible to be done by different people who want to exercise. Some typical cases are cardio workouts and cross fit exercises. For more information on cardio, check it out here. Doing push-ups has been done over generations and is still prevalent today. They are always likely to be incorporated in a body workout in some way. Trying out different push-up styles is a good thing to consider so that you can challenge yourself differently and you can also be more adventurous with your exercises. This article examines some of the push-up variations available for your exercising activities.

You can try some wide grip push-ups for your exercising. To start with, get on a push-up position as is regularly done, whether on knees or toes. Your body should be straight as in a plank. This page provides some images for a regular push up position, check it out. Once you have done this, get your hands out about four inches from the regular place they are on a standard push up. For more details on how to get this done, check it out here. The wider stance makes your shoulders get a more intense role in the activity. The wider push-up area allows the shoulders to be pulled into the workout as the chest, core and back get their share. You can get yourself more worked out by doing regular push-ups and then walking your hands out so that your chest still gains some cardio workout.

You can also try clap push up technique. Clap push-ups are a bit complicated and require strength and speed in doing them. For a better feel of what this looks like, check it out here. The push-ups are famous in the army workouts. Being speedy will keep you from the danger of falling on your face when you don’t get your hands together fast enough to clap. This page talks more about safety when exercising, check it out. Clap push-ups strengthen pec muscles thus give the chest a more defined look.

Another push-up variation you can try is the shoulder or hand tap push up. They are a bit like the clap push ups, only that these are much easier. Check it out here for images. You need to lift only one arm off the floor, and use the raised arm to touch the other hand or shoulder. Through this technique, you can minimize the possibility of falling and gain the benefits of cardio and balance. To read more on the bebefits of modified push ups, check it out here.