Examples of Police misconduct Cases You Can Refer To Your Lawyer

There are several actions that police officers can do, that can warrant you to take them to court. Police can act in a way that that can be termed as police misconduct that is when they do something that is illegal, inappropriate or against the police policy. The many actions that can be classified as police misconduct are broad and not easy to tell. This article will bring out some actions that can be classified as police misconduct and how the court treats them. By reading through you will know something about the police misconduct cases.

The first one is the Philando Castile case. In this case Philando was driving in a car with the girlfriend and the girlfriends daughter. The police stopped, and immediately Castile reported that he had a gun which he possessed a legally. The police officer told Castile not to reach for his gun. Castile replied that he is reaching for his ID. But the police officer did not listen but fired in the car and killed Castile. It was ruled that there was police misconduct and the officer was charged with manslaughter. The girlfriend was also paid compensation.

Something else that is not good conduct by the police is when they lie to investigators. When police officers say things that are not true about people they arrested or about a case, that is misconduct. During an investigation the police officers are supposed to give information that is true. Lying to an investigator is a police misconduct. The officers committing such acts are supposed to be charged in a court of law.

The other police misconduct case is in the Ferguson racial profiling. Racial profiling is a case where the color or the race is what police use when they are suspecting a crime. Cases like this were witnessed a lot in Ferguson and that is a good example of police misconduct. the other thing that can be termed as an officers misconduct is planting evidence. One of the cases that involved evidence planting happened with Police officer Richard Pinheiro of the Baltimore police department. The police officer fixed some drugs on a man as evidence that the man is dealing with drugs.

Another case that involved police misconduct is the Walter Scott case. In this case the police used planted evidence and was also brutal. In the Walter case these attorneys who were handling the case were experts in police brutality, civil right experts and also planted evidence experts in order to get to the right charges. The officer who was involved was sentenced to serve in prison for twenty years. There are many examples of police misconduct however some of them are also solved by other police misconduct, and the victim does not get justice.