A Guide to Having a Wedding Sand Ceremony

Your wedding marks the beginning of your lifetime journey of love and life. This is the reason why innumerable traditional union ceremonies are observed during the occasion. Including these practices in your wedding ceremony will make it unique and meaningful. Despite this fact, it does not mean that all these practices should be squeezed in your wedding. It is better to observe a sole practice. Having a wedding sand ceremony is a perfect idea as it involves the new couple and their families as well. When compared to other unity ceremonies, the unity sand ceremony is unique. The wedding ceremony becomes unique because of this. It blends well with beach themed weddings and it can also be observed in more conventional themed weddings. It could be the first time that you and your relatives are observing a wedding sand ceremony. This gives you a chance to set a new and meaningful family wedding culture.

During the ceremony, the sand is used as a symbol of the oneness between the newly wedded couple. In this culture, colored sand is used. The first color is a symbol of the love and affection of the groom and the other is for the bride. According to this, two separate vials of sand need to be prepared. Once the exchange of the rings is done, the couple come together, each with their glass of colored sand. As one, they pour the sand into a colorless vase, this demonstrates their unity as husband and wife. The woven pattern of the sand formed by the colors are a symbol of the new tie they create.

The jar that holds their colored sand, is a representation of how the husband and wife can manage everything. An excellent thing about wedding sand occasions is that are inclusive of the relatives of the couple especially their most loved grandparents. As a sign of offering their good tidings to the new union, the traditional sand ceremony has undergone a number of alterations. For other ceremonies, the parent’s couple are requested to participate and represent their family with a separate color of sand. The mixture of the sand colors then becomes a symbol of the newly formed union between the couple and their families.

Besides possibly being one of the highlights of the wedding, the occasion gives you a memorable experience of how unique your wedding was. You will remember how overwhelmed and touched you and your partner’s family were in your choice to include them in the ceremony. Weddings have to be properly organized to make sure that the two families who are being united have a smooth experience during the ceremony.

Incredible Lessons I’ve Learned About Ideas

Incredible Lessons I’ve Learned About Ideas