Enjoy the Benefits of Yoga at Home or in a Yoga Studio

Yoga is an Eastern Philosophy but it has been making inroads in the rest of the world including the United States. The adoption of Yoga by individual Americans has seen some serious growth in the last four years since 2012-there were 20.4 million practitioners then but 36.7 million in 2016,according to Yoga in America Study.

Are there reasons for the impressive growth of the practice in the country? A study from the University of Illinois found out that Yoga had a greater impact on brain function than 20 minutes of aerobic exercises.

Another study from the University of Pennsylvania found that Yoga practitioners had greater drops in their level of blood pressure than people who followed walking,nutrition or weight counseling programs.

People with chronic lower back pains are better off practicing yoga than receiving the usual medical treatment according to West Virginia University researchers.

Researchers from Fred Hutchinson cancer research center noted that there was a certain level of association between regular practice of Yoga and weight loss,or at least weight maintenance. Yoga practice involves the uniting of body,mind and spirit to bring about peace and serenity to the yogi.

Perhaps you have been attending your classes with Yogis who have done this for years and might have been feeling a little out of place;the good news is that you could couch yourself from well done Yoga Videos online.

The first thing you have to do is acquire some nice,comfortable yoga clothing,a mat and props and these can be obtained from reliable online retails shops as well as from yoga studios.

When you sign up for yoga classes,you will discover various poses that make the practice fun and interesting.

The Lizard and mermaid poses are some of the poses you will soon learn in Yoga.

If you want to energize your body by having better metabolism and lower stress and anxiety,the lizard pose is great. It stretches the groin region,opens hips,the hamstrings and hip flexors and also strengthens the legs preparing;it prepares the body for deeper hip openers. This is some sort of “stretch the back of your body” pose,as its very name Utthan pristhasana suggests.

The Mermaid pose,a modification of the pigeon pose,is another pose you will learn about in your yoga practice. The mermaid posture,just like the Utthan pristhasana involves some hip opening and bending of the back;notice that in the lizard pose,the back is stretched. The mermaid pose is somewhat complex and you may want to see your area yoga teacher for guidance.

Yoga may be something you want to try out and you could even do it from the comfort of your home,however,you may need to work with a yoga teacher in relation to the lizard and the mermaid pose.

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